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Lorena Canals

Meet Lorena Canals.

The leader in the machine washable rugmarket since the1990s, LorenaCanals is dedicated to creating a safe and functional environment with her eco-friendly,handmade rugs and accessories.All are made with natural cotton and dyes, to ensure durability after washing, comfort and safety for children. LorenaCanals’ designs allow for a stylish & modern, yet practical decor.

During the last 10 years, the brand has evolved to become one of the most well-known brands for washable rugs on the textile decoration scene, being so practical and affordable. Made of natural cotton and wool, its flagship product, the machine-washable rug, can be washed at home, in a conventional washing machine, without the need for dry cleaning. What is its competitive edge? The way it so easily and conveniently gets rid of dust mites, making them safe, practical and essential for anyone, particularly children, with allergies.

Find Yours Comfort, practicality, quality and design are all merged to make an infinite variety of models of washable and wool rugs, which combine different textures, sizes and patterns to adapt to every style of home decor. Ideal for decorating any home with a Nordic or hippy aesthetic, or any apartment decorated in a modernist, industrial or alternative style.

From rugs to wallhangings.

In keeping with current trends, Lorena’s creative vision has spread to the wall hangings and tapestries have become the stars of the show. So it’s rugs, tapestries and wall hangings that are decorating the walls this season!


The life of a rug by Lorena Canals enjoys an incredible journey, arising from the creativity of a design in Lorena’s Cotton Lab showroom in Barcelona. The material is collected in the cotton fields of northern India and Lorena’s vision starts to take shape in the hands of the expert craftsman, whose creative freedom and fluidity results in each piece being unique. Every detail is hand stitched, knotted and tied by local Indian seamstresses, whose attention to detail is highlighted in every piece. Each model hides amongst its threads a delicate and precise craftsmanship that can be seen, touched and, above all, felt. All products are entirely hand-crafted and made with natural materials and dyes to ensure safety, practicality and durability.

The company manages the entire creation process of each product, which allows it to offer high-quality products and create new collections with original designs. Its differentiation lies in the control of the quality of its products, minimum delivery times and competitive prices.

ResponsibleBrand: responsable product

The companýs values include respect for the environment and sustainable manufacturing, which is why it does not use chemical products or pollutants. Also, in controlling the manufacturing process, it can also ensure fair-trade practices.

SakûlaProject: their education, our commitment

In 2008, the brand started the Sakûlaproject; a school in northern India for children of all ages. €0.50 from every Lorena Canals product sold goes towards this project, so the purchase of any product not only creates work for local craftsman in India, but also contributes to many children’s education. For Lorena, this type of initiative gives much more meaning to her business.

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