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Folk Made

Meet Harumi + Folk Made.

Inspired by her daughter and daily things in live.

Folk made is about folklore. I am inspired by ethnic costumes and local handicrafts from the old days, natural products but with taste and texture

The love for handmade and pieces that will last for many years and bring a smile to your face

Harumi sets her collections in a sophisticated artistic setting supported by her husbands wood work craftsmanship. The light, childish decor with a range of pastel colours along side a flashy pink or warm mustard colour enlighten the stage like setting leaving spectators feel like in a marshmallow, candy cane shop that is floating like soap bubbles.

She started Folk made for her daughter. She didn’t want to dress her with ‘fast fashion’ items, and had her own idea of how she wanted her daughter to look and what message she wanted to transmit to her girl. One of her ethics was that the clothes her girl would wear should be hand made, they should be made with high quality fabrics.

Entirely Made in Japan, and the growing trending appreciation of whatever springs from the land of the rising sun, Folk Made has caught our eye.

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